I'm here, I swear


I got married! It was fun. :) That was over a month ago, but it took a long time to mentally care about anything else for a while. I didn't even really care as much about my birthday, and I love my birthday. Even though we kept the reception super low-key, there was still a lot of planning involved, and that stuff takes effort. Plus I had a lot of family in town for about a week and a half surrounding the big day. It was great, everything went pretty much perfectly and we were relaxed during all of it, but afterwards I kind of wanted to just crawl into bed, both mentally and physically. Christmas was awesomely low-key as well, and that's over, so it's time to look ahead to new things to occupy myself. I'm also looking forward to a couple of vacation days away next week; a good way for the two of us to have some time after all of the craziness and before his next semester ramps up.

A few site updates: I've "fixed" the RSS feed -- now the site points to a working URL, but it's just not as pretty of URL as I'd like. I'm told that my host's version of apache is kind of borked. Added a couple of contact details on the sidebar. I also changed the favicon to something other than what came with the template I modified. I love that weird lady image above so much. I smirk every time I look at it. She looks like she's staring at GBITK and going "Suuuuuure. I'm TOTALLY going to do thaaaaat."

I should probably draw attention to an update I made a few weeks ago to my Feed the Trolls post. The update is at the bottom, and I've now added a link to the update at the top of the post as well.

I've actually been teasing some words and thoughts out of myself lately, so you will see something new posted soon. Thanks for all the kind encouragement and comments you've thrown at me through various channels, everyone. :) I know some pretty great people. <3

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