Feed the Trolls

Click for 2011-12-04 update.From the very beginning I've been examining almost every scrap of traffic we get to Fat, Ugly or Slutty. I've tried to determine the context of the discussion that brought us a visitor and understand if people are interpreting FUoS as a positive or a negative beast. Over and over and over again, the same themes emerged in forums, blog comments, articles, etc. I discussed several of these in the bit-gamer.net article and linked to them within as a little bit of "proof" of each theme. For a long time now, one of the major pieces of "common-sense" advice given to the harassed has been bugging me, and I'm starting to see evidence that I'm not the only one.To back it up a little, let's be clear about what happened to FUoS. We started a dumb little joke site for us and our friends -- a laughter...

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