Welcome to My Kitchen


I've had this domain for a while now, and I purchased it with the "Get Back in the Kitchen" title always in mind. It started out as a personal recipe database application that I was building in PHP/Symfony. The idea was literally to put myself back in the kitchen and learn more about cooking, ingredients, costs and nutritional data -- a personalized way to figure out our meals and store our recipes in a single format online instead of across 10 cookbooks. The "kitchen" also had another meaning for me: get back into non-work coding. As a developer, you have to always be learning and sometimes it's hard to get started without a focused project that you're excited about.

But since then, several other (awesome) projects have taken up my precious free time. (I don't have a link for how much time my wedding planning has taken up, sorry.)

Over the last year I've thrown myself into reading countless forums, blogs and comments. My husband has both encouraged (and put up with) me to explore topics related to the projects above. I've been reading lengthy articles and discussions for a while now, and I feel the need to have a place to sort out my own thoughts. I don't feel qualified to comment on some of the really high-level rhetoric within those other places, but I do need an outlet. My brain is bursting with incomplete pieces of ideas. I need a place to mix, roll out, cut, bake and devour these thoughts.

Welcome to my new kitchen!

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